I found this interesting blurb on the internet. The Jr Vets are players 35 and over in the New England Tennis Assoc rankings. In 1966, there were 12 Winchester residents in the list. See if you recognize any of the names.


  1. Henri Salaun, Needham, Mass.
  2. Don Manchester, Auburndale, Mass.
  3. Tom Raleigh, Winchester, Mass.
  4. Curt Foster, Wenham, Mass.
  5. Robert LaPointe, Beverly, Mass.
  6. Henry Tiberio, Beverly, Mass.
  7. Gene Wilinsky, Concord, Mass.
  8. Edward Gwin, Salem, Mass.
  9. Charles Watson, Winchester, Mass.
  10. Bob Joslin, Winchester, Mass.
  11. Charles Briggs, Providence, R.I.
  12. Nick Newman, West Newton, Mass.
  13. Axel Kaufmann, Newton Highlands, Mass.
  14. Rubin Jaffee, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  15. George Goodwin, Georgetown, Mass.
  16. Edward Stewart, Exeter, New Hampshire
  17. Mort Lederman, Dorchester, Mass.
  18. Larry Cahill, So. Duxbury, Mass.
  19. Bob Keeton, Winchester, Mass.
  20. John Suminsby, Beverly, Mass.
    INSUFFICIENT DATA–Art Hills, Winchester,
    Mass.; Bill Powers, Needham, Mass.
  21. Don Manchester – Tom Raleigh
  22. Henri Salaun – Bill Powers
  23. Art Hills – Bob Joslin
  24. Nick Newman – Courtney Turner, Weston,
  25. Mort Lederman – Edward Stewart
  26. George Goodwin – Rubin Jaffee
  27. Axel Kaufmann – Curt Foster
  28. Bob Joslin – Adolph Alla, Winchester, Mass.
  29. Bob Joslin – Bill Bird, Winchester, Mass.
  30. Adolph Alla – Edward White, Winchester, Mass.
  31. Paul Conway, Melrose, Mass. – Lloyd
    Fitzpatrick, Everett, Mass.
  32. Bob Davison, Lexington, Mass. – Milt Carmen,
    Lexington, Mass.
  33. Don Langell, Winchester, Moss. • Jim Shaka,
    Winchester, Moss.
  34. George Vernet, Melrose, Mass. – Al Gubbins,
    Melrose, Mass.
  35. Fran Chiary, Hamilton, Mass. – Jim Shaka.
  36. Bob Pritchard, Winchester, Mass. – Don Puffer,
    Winchester, Mass.
    INSUFFICIENT DATA–Jack Carder, West Newton,
    Mass. – Geoffrey Harvey, Lexington, Mass.; Nick
    Newman – Geoffrey Harvey; Norm Dalrymple,
    Dover, Vermont – Phil Steckler; Irving Levine, Fall
    River, Mass. – Howard Ezell

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