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Court Maintenance Blog from the Supervisor

Question: Why are courts 5 & 9 always closed?

Here is the short answer:  

To prevent overuse of these two courts


Here is the longer answer:

For a variety of reasons courts 5 & 9 are the preferred courts. With 15 empty courts most players will take court 5 or 9. So, what happens, and what has happened in the past, is that the 7:00 AM players will take court 5 let's say. They will finish at 8:30 AM and then the 9:00 AM players will take court 5. If they finish by 10:30 you could also have another group take that court before watering at noon. Then you have mid afternoon players at 2:00 or 3:00 PM who will take court 5 over all other courts. Then you have your 5:00 PM players who take court 5 and then your 7:00 PM players will take court 5 also.
Potentially you have court 5 being used 6 times to zero of another court. 7 days a week that's 42 times to zero. That's why, over the years courts 5 & 9, even though they were the most sought after courts, actually became the worst courts to play on - due to this overuse.
It has taken 2 seasons for these two courts to recover and be brought ba
ck to an acceptable playing condition.

Weekends are getting busier so you may see players on courts 5 & 9 but only once per day.
They will be open for use to our senior players at the discretion of the Supervisor.
Your cooperation
and your assistance in ensuring that this policy is honored by everyone is appreciated.

What if the sign is not ON the court but off to the side?  
The court is still closed unless specifically assigned to you by the supervisor.


What is the sweeping policy at the courts?

1. As before, courts should be swept after play all the way back to the fence.

2. Sweeping can be done length ways or from side to side.

3.  If you are the first players on the courts after watering (mornings or afternoon) you may sweep before  
     playing in addition to the regular sweeping after play.


Why TENNIS SHOES ONLY on the courts?

Here is the short answer: TENNIS SHOES ONLY on the courts!

Here is the longer answer: Running shoes and cross trainers by design, have treads that grip - but on clay courts they tear into the top layer separating the clay. When someone has played on the courts with running shoes - that's an $80 repair. The Supervisor is no longer allowing players on (just this time) with running shoes or cross trainers. Your cooperation and assistance in ensuring that this policy is honored by everyone is appreciated.

Glen Doyle

Court Supervisor & Head of Maintenance
Packer-Ellis Tennis Courts