Singles Ladder Play

Singles Players looking for a game – contact Vasudev Marichetti at for a list of singles players to arrange a match

Join the Packer-Ellis Tennis Courts Singles Ladder for the new season! This ladder is designed to facilitate connecting players with playing partners at similar levels to promote some competitive fun.


  • The ladder will run from May 20 to October 25, weather permitting. You do not have to be around for the whole season–we just want to maximizing playing opportunities.
  • Information about Packer-Ellis court fees can be found here.
  • Players joining the ladder should plan to play at least once every few weeks or about 2 matches a month.
  • Players may join the ladder at anytime. To do so, please send an email to Vasudev Marichetti (singles ladder coordinator) at with your email address, phone number, and estimated NTRP rating, and preferred playing times.
  • We will maintain one singles ladder to start, but if there is a lot of interest or clear differences in playing level, we may split into more than ladder.
  • Players arrange their own matches by challenging any player on the ladder, but please feel free to contact the ladder coordinator for guidance on playing levels or suggest partners, especially as the season progresses. Matches are better when players are well matched.
  • Matches will be regulation best of 3 sets, though players can mutually determine to play a 10-point tiebreaker instead of a 3rd set.
  • Current point system (but subject to change at the half-way mark of the season at the end of July, to encourage competitive matches): 2 points for a win, 1 point for a loss.
  • After each match, report your score to
  • Scores and standings will be posted at Scores are posted to help ladder participants identify playing partners.
  • Have fun!